FMP Project Proposal

This is my initial project proposal for my FMP.

Section 1: Review (approx 150 words)

Throughout the first six units of the course my desire to pursue graphic design has only been furthered and is recognized in the choice of the communications pathway. While I have never foreseen myself doing anything other than this, my skillset has been broadened vastly and practicing in all areas of art and design has been invaluable to me. Though this is the case, my work this year has frequently seen me drawn back to typography. My typographic work has always been something I have enjoyed, as well as featuring heavily in my projects. Stemming from this, my interest has subsequently been drawn to calligraphy, influenced heavily by some of my favorite designers. The course has lead me to a stage in which my passion and strength can be recognized in this area of design, influencing an immediate aspiration to pursue this in my FMP. Interestingly my exploration in calligraphy has made me want to limit the amount of digital work I plan to produce, with hand drawn design prominent.
Section 2: Project Concept (approx 250 words)
The concept of my design project is to produce a large scale calligraphic piece. My calligraphy work will no doubt act as the foundation for this project, informing the vast majority of what I plan to do. At this stage I envisage the design covering a large wall. This said, my intent will be to present my calligraphy in the most engaging way possible, extending this to working on the floor or adjacent walls is something I will certainly consider. This idea of finding the most affective way of communicating to the audience is something that could define the success of my piece, and research will therefore be placed towards this. The tools and materials in which I plan to use are something I am very much undecided on. Previously I have used cardboard cuttings as my tool with black inks for larger scale work, creating what I felt was a successful appearance. Whether this will still be feasible due to the fact this is the largest I will have worked remains to be seen, and among others I will need to explore the possibility of using brushes, markers, pens and spray paints. Experimental stages will therefore need to be taken to decide which medium I wish to use, though the likelihood is I will be required to approach this using a number of different styles. Ultimately the main priority will lie with the calligraphic style itself and the message it will present. Research with be heavily aimed towards looking at various calligraphers and typographers and their styles that I feel can influence my work. While this large scale design will be the most important of my work, at this stage I feel it will be effective to produce an accompanying item. Though I do not yet know what this will be I have envisaged producing a small book or concertina design, will smaller refined calligraphic designs inside.
Section 3: Evaluation (approx 100 words)
When reflecting and evaluating my project it will be essential to consider how the piece communicates with its audience. I will need to ensure it’s legible as well as the topic understandable. This said, the aesthetic elements will be important, too. The overall design will need to be attractive and hold its own as a bold and impactful piece.
Proposed Research Sources and Bibliography (Harvard Format)                                                                 
George Bickham, 2013. The Universal Penman. Edition. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.

Steven Heller, 2012. Typography Sketchbooks. Steven Heller & Lita Talarico. Edition. Thames & Hudson.

Seb Lester Presentation

For contextual studies I have produced a presentation on one of my favourite designers, Seb Lester. Seb’s calligraphic work has been highly influential for me, and I foresee it impacting heavily on my FMP.

Link to presentation: